Who says you're not normal?

When it seems like nobody else has the same thoughts and feelings you do, and there’s no one you can share them with – that’s normal. This is the place where you can share everything with people who understand and want to help.

What is Mental Bandage?

No doctors, just
people like you

If you’re a young adult struggling because nobody seems to understand how difficult it is to deal with your thoughts and feelings, you’ve come to the right place. Mental Bandage is a non-profit organization started by Ania Grigorian with family support, to create a community where you can share your experiences, struggles, thoughts, and even secrets with people you can trust. We understand you because we’re on the same journey. Mental Bandage will become the place where you and your family will find supportive friends and helpful resources.

Surprising facts about
our mental health

The pressure on young people today is hitting hard and the latest statistics prove it.


teens 13-19 have an eating disorder, and 50% of those suffer from depression.

No. 2

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. for people ages 10-34


of people diagnosed with depressions also suffer from an anxiety disorder.


of youth and teens 6-17 experience a mental health disorder.


overall increase in the suicide rate since 1999.


teens experience at least one major depressive episode in a year.

I'm Ania, and
I want to help

Being a teen has always been tough, that’s why music and movies that express our struggles are so popular. But for many of us, including myself, social media’s influence and the social and emotional school climate has made it even tougher. From middle school through college, students are challenged with constant changes, conflicting ideas, and relentless pressure from family, friends, and school.

I know how alone you feel and what you’re going through, because I struggle too. I know that by sharing our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, we can help each other do better.

Mental Bandage is my vision to help others and myself.

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My journey – how it led me here.

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