We're here to get better together.

As a survivor of multiple mental illnesses, Ania understands emotional pain; she hopes to be a light for others in their dark times, this is our mission.

When you feel like no one understands,


Ania Grigorian

Ania Grigorian struggled with her mental health for as long as she could remember. She began creating videos on TikTok, specifically to raise awareness about mental health. As she began to reach thousands of people, she saw the tremendous need for help within this generation. This simple desire to share her story grew into a devotion to helping others in a personal way, and after receiving invitations to discuss her past mental health struggles with larger audiences, Ania was inspired to create Mental Bandage.

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Ania's journey and vision

Watch this short video condensed from Ania’s recent interview on the program Observations with Dr. Joe Sam Robinson.

Aleksander Grigorian
Founding Member

While modern societal ideals are becoming more unattainable, teens and young adults are continuously pressured to conform in order to achieve validation as ‘meaningful’ or even ‘acceptable.’ I experience it and I’ve witnessed the profound effect that society’s expectations can have on one’s mental health. This is why I joined Ania as a founding member of Mental Bandage and I support her vision to help others manage their mental health. Taking on the responsibilities of fundraising, finances, communications, and coordination with supportive services is the best way I know to help achieve our important mission.

Arthur Grigorian

With over 20 years of experience in neuroscience, Arthur provides medical insights and a professional perspective to the approach of Mental Bandage. Dr. Grigorian’s personal desire to support the mental health community stemmed from his many years as Ania and Aleksander’s support system; seeing the importance of personal and relatable support highlighted throughout their adolescence. Arthur realized the potential impact of Ania’s story on the modern generation, so he encouraged her and provided the tools for Ania and Aleksander to achieve their goal: Mental Bandage is a non-profit organization focused on suicide prevention and awareness, and the wellbeing of teens and young adults.