Proof that it DOES get better

If my sister did not check on me that one night in January of 2020, I would not be here. Check in on the people around you.

4 candles because January marks 4 years of staying alive.

Every single day of my life I was told that I was the bubbliest girl people knew, genuinely every single day. I became known as the bright and bubbly girl because you could not find me without a smile on my face. I started to realize that a smile was enough to cover my pain. When I would finally be left alone, the smile would fade away. Behind closed doors I would cry without end. I wanted my life to end...or at least I thought I did. Now, I realize that I just wanted the pain to end. When you struggle with depression, suicide seems like the only way out - It might not be a rational thought but you need to understand that a mind dealing with depression is not a rational mind, it is sick. I was sick for years but no one other than my immediate family knew because people could only see a smile so that meant I was happy, right?

Over the years, the most valuable thing I learned was in a psychiatric hospital. I learned this: The girl with the perfect body was battling a deadly eating disorder. The rude guy with uncontrollable anger issues was being abused at home. The girl that never stopped smiling and laughing had self-harm marks covering her entire body. The nerdy guy that did not have many friends attempted to take his life for the third time. The weird girl that always sat alone was sexually assaulted. I learned that you truly never know what anyone is going through, no matter how they appear on the outside. If my sister did not check on me that one night in January of 2020, I would not be here.

So here I am, four years later, asking you to check in on the people around you. Please, you could save someone's life.

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