Relapse is a part of recovery

STOP PRAISING WEIGHT LOSS! Join me in my eating disorder recovery because you deserve to enjoy your meals.

I've been in recovery for three years; eating disorder recovery. Recovery does not mean that I eat three perfectly portioned meals every day. Recovery does not mean that I have avoided laxatives for three consecutive years. Recovery does not mean that I have gone three years without purging. Recovery does not mean that I have a perfect relationship with food. Relapse is a part of recovery.

If you've been struggling with your relationship with food - that's okay. I am so proud of you for taking the first step: realizing that you are struggling - and that's okay. I am struggling right by your side, please do not forget that you are NEVER alone in your eating disorder battle. In this battle, I hope you join me on the recovery journey because, truthfully, if you are not recovering then you are slowly dying.

Food is meant to be enjoyable. Take the first step, start recovery, and let's learn to enjoy our meals together. Recovery is not easy. Even after years of working on your recovery, a side comment about calories might trigger your disordered thoughts - and that's okay because you will learn ways to fight those thoughts. The world, specifically this generation, is very triggering surrounding eating.

If you are worried that a friend may be struggling with an eating disorder, please act as soon as possible because you could save their life. If you see any patterns of skipping meals, restricting frequently, or frequent binging, avoiding eating in public, or going to the bathroom immediately after meals, using laxatives, please seek guidance or help from an adult.

You are beautiful. You will never look like your friends - and that's your beauty. You don't need a slim waist, muscular legs, a big butt, or a sharp jawline. Please stop seeking validation from the world around you; you should only find validation in yourself because you are more than enough.

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