Skin and Bones

I was always intrigued by psychology, but in a single moment, on a hospital floor, I became certain of my vocation.

Skin and bones. Skin and bones being pushed around in a wheelchair. From hospital room 301, I watched as people were wheeled around the Eating Disorder Unit. Sometimes I saw average-sized patients, but this patient looked different. A young girl; torn down into skin and bones, the standard image of a patient with Anorexia. I looked down at my own body, but I saw more than skin and bones. How does a healthy mind suddenly turn against its own body? I began to wonder how I arrived on this hospital floor. I always felt intrigued by the field of psychology, but at that moment, I became certain of my vocation. I wanted to help that young girl, but first, I wanted to understand why her mind engaged in such controlling behaviors. I strive to improve the quality of people’s life, such as those struggling with eating disorders. I began creating videos on an app called “TikTok”, specifically to raise awareness about mental health. As I began to reach thousands of people, I saw the tremendous need for help within this generation. A simple desire to share my story grew into a devotion to help others. As a result, I began serving as an ambassador for different mental health organizations. Being an ambassador gave me insight on the advantages of reaching people through an organization. The idea gradually created a desire to help people in a personal way; so here I am now.

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