The Unseen Injury

The stigma around mental illnesses is completely absurd. If people treated mental illnesses just like physical illnesses, the world would literally be a different place.

Everyone lives their life with struggles, but those that are mentally ill have to live their life with 3,000 extra pounds on their back. The most interesting part is that no one sees that weight. It is almost as if it is an “invisible” illness. Everyone says “check on your friends,” but they always seem to check on the ones that seem upset. The person that smiles at you every time you walk past them, the person that never stops laughing, the person that seems overly confident; these are the people that are silently crying for help. They hide their suffering because they do not want to be a burden to other people. “I’m just tired” is a phrase that is constantly used when covering the true feeling behind it: “I need help.” The number of people that are silently suffering and are afraid to ask for help is far too high.

Imagine you break your leg. Everyone around you makes sure to keep a reasonable distance from your big cast. Nobody would trip you because you are really injured. Maybe you have crutches that support you while you walk. People will ask if you need help getting lunch or carrying anything. Most importantly, they ask to sign your cast. Later, you look back at all the names of people who went out of their way to sign your cast. You feel so loved and supported. What about the people with broken minds? People will still make fun of you and hurt you with their words because they cannot see what you are going through. They do not care if life makes you fall over because they expect you to get back up. Your leg is not broken so you are perfectly fine to manage without help. Nobody will ask if you need help with anything because no one sees your suffering. How can they support you when you do not have a visible cast or anything that makes you visibly ill? All you have is a smile behind a broken soul that just wants to let go of life. This is mental illness. This is the pain that causes people to live life with extra weight on their backs. Just because you do not see the broken parts, does mean that everyone is in “one piece.”

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